5th December 2020.

Okay, so I'm sort of set for the next video. Talk about creative block though - I'm proper struggling with a shot list.

I've got this great model from TurboSquid - a silver craft thing - and I will put myself inside and be the pilot of. Had the usual incompatibility problem that happens when importing a model into a program that it wasn't originally made in. However, with my limited experience I was able to fix that one.

This one's funny - I'm so tired of my damn bald head having a white-out sun spot. Here's the thing - it's causing problems when trying to Roto. For example, when trying to Roto me in front of the flying cop car - the Roto outliner couldn't decide if it was supposed to attach itself to the outline of my head - or the building behind me. Naturally, it invariably chose the building. So, I bought a hat! That should (will) give defined lines for Roto to adhere to. I need to master Roto if I'm going to mix it up a bit. Folk are raving about Roto Brush 2 in After Effects - but it still seems very hit and miss to me. The Refine Tool just doesn't seem to refine - but clearly it's just me not using it properly.

The other development is my acquring access to Google Earth Studio. Oh yes. I can fly a virtual drone anywhere in the world thanks to that fabulous facility. Thank you Google for accepting my application.

Oh, not to forget - the idea is to have a dogfight between the silver craft and an armed drone. That way I'm forced to try some 'action' - and it's certainly about time I did some fast cutting. I looked at drones at Sketchfab site - saw one I liked but couldn't understand why I saw no price or 'Buy' button. I then realised it was a free download. Yikes. Nice. I don't know why the model make is giving it away since it's a quality model. The silver craft was priced at $159 originally - but via Black Friday I got it for $94. Dollars to Pounds - £71. Very happy with that. The model is excellent.

I've chosen Battersea Park to 'take off from' - and I found that location simply by using Google Earth and flying the camera down the river. That's how I came across The Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich for the last video.

It's winter - so green screening outside in this cold won't be fun - but I can't wait for summer. I have to have a project on the go or I'm bored and miserable.

So anyway - to that shot list...