Me little video making escapades are the only thing that do it for me amid the boring life routine.

Specifically, though - VFX stuff. It's all I'm interested. Me make little 'relationship stories'? Oh please... That garbage about something only being worthy if it's making a statement about society. Oh, don't make me puke.

So, I used to have a site called Movie Bunker. I made a TON of composited images from 2000 like the one below. But then I moved on to videos. The previous site was like a single frame version of what I do now - except I'm compositing 3D models, not myself.

The little VFX shorts will only feature myself and Ian because everyone is full of shit - they say they'll turn up - but they always cancel. No one can be trusted so we don't bother involving anyone else - they'll only come up with an excuse like they're too busy washing their socks to turn up for us. We have completely and utterly given up on everyone because no one is reliable. It's like the folk who say they'll email me but NEVER EVER do. Like I said, everyone is full of shit. People are fake and they are completely full of shit.